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Progress Report – July 7



I passed an important milestone this morning.  I can’t remember the last time I weighed less than 200 pounds.  It was definitely a few years ago, I’m thinking more than a few.

I also may begin to blog a bit more frequently again!  Could be all sorts of positive things going on…

On August 1, I will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of my 25th birthday.  It’s also the day that I set for my 50 pound loss.  The odds are still against me at this current weight loss rate.  Other obstacles include summer parties and my family vacation next week.  I’m positive that I’ll be tempted to break ranks during my vacation, but I’m also very motivated to meet my goal.

A few Random Thoughts

I can’t blog long today.  I did want to show off my sub 200 weigh in picture, because I was beginning to think it was never going to happen!  I do have a bunch of ideas for blogs this week, so please stay tuned!  Until then, here are a few random thoughts:

  • Last year I weighed over 262, so I’m close to 70 pounds total lost.  I was 259 in January.  I was 239 on April 14 when I started this blog, and my goal was to lose 50 pounds by August 1 (almost July 1, so good that I didn’t set that date!).  I have 25 days to lose 8-9 pounds.  Doable, but, again, I’ve slowed down remarkably.
  • I’m still strong into intermittent fasting and the keto lifestyle.
  • I need to go shopping.  I only have one pair of newly purchased pants that fit.  Everything else looks sloppy because of how big they fit, even my new jeans.
  • My weaknesses have been nuts and berries.  Generally, not terrible for ketogenic diets if eaten in moderation.  But when I overate I got kicked out and saw significant weight gain.  I have a lot of work to do when I reach my weight goal to figure out a maintenance plan.
  • Back on Mother’s Day I decided to cheat by eating french fries, and paid for it.  I have to figure out how to add carbohydrates (still low, just not zero) back without seeing such dire consequences..
  • I’m losing weight and getting close to my goal, so I stopped keeping track of ketosis.  Although, I did notice that I got kicked out strongly after a fruit binge, and I say strongly based on the fact that it took me almost a week to get back into ketosis.
  • Sugar free ice cream isn’t terrible.  It’s also not super low carb, so ketogenic-dieter-beware!  Coffee flavor for this guy.
  • I’m trying chewing gum to keep me focused and help with cravings.  There are some studies that suggest chewing gum both can help with weight-loss and focus.  So far, so good!  More to come on that later.



2 thoughts on “Progress Report – July 7

  1. You’re doing amazing!! Great work and you should very proud of yourself!! That’s a huge milestone to get under 200 and I know you’ll strive to keep it under that number and we’re all here to support you!!Great Work you should be very proud of yourself!!


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