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Progress Report – June 16


If this was a weekly check in, the results would be outstanding!

Unfortunately, I’ve slipped in my blogging due to some real-life stress and activity, and I’ve slowed way down in my quest to get to 190.  Losing 5 pounds over two weeks is not the pace I’ve been used to.  And, has sometimes been the case during this journey, the ups and downs of the weight loss have added additional stress!

Some factors to consider as I head for, what seems like, a significant plateau…

Cherries and Strawberries

Of the fruits, berries seem to be among the most keto-friendly.  The fiber count in berries offset some of the sugar, lessening their effect on blood sugar.  For many people, a handful of berries does not impact their ability to remain in ketosis.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not one of those people.

Early on in my journey, I decided to limit vegetables, based on my inability to remain in ketosis.  I’ve avoided fruit almost entirely.  My real issue may not have been eating cherries, rather, it may just have been that I ate almost an entire bag of cherries in one sitting!  They were just so delicious that I couldn’t stop.  Sugar is a dangerous, dangerous drug!

The following day, my wife prepared a salad for a cookout.  The salad included strawberries and sweetened pecans.  I, again, threw all caution to the wind, indulging in a slightly sweetened salad in order to avoid the wonderful desserts on the table.

Alone, these two diet items may not have made a huge difference.  Combined with my normal weekend increased intake of delicious meats, I had gained four pounds by Monday.  I gained a lot of weight despite arguing that I would not in the previous blog.

It’s concerning that I need to avoid sugar to such an extent that I gain weight after overeating fruit.  But I can’t let that deter me!  The show must go on!  My plan all along has been to get to my target weight first, then start experimenting with either further weight loss or maintenance.  I still have fifteen pounds to lose to get to that point.


Not much to see here.  A handful of nuts is very keto.  A bag full of nuts is not.  Just too many carbs.

Beware the Breaded Bone-in Wing

I established pretty quickly that buffalo wings were awesome, and keto, so, double awesome.  I love showing people pictures of my plate of wings and telling them that I’m on a diet.

While the classic buffalo wing really only consists of a few, simple ingredients, restaurants can try to differentiate themselves by changing the recipe.  Most bone-in wings are safe.  Home Plate in Taunton breads the wings before they fry them.  It’s not a huge amount of batter, but it’s enough to make a difference.

It’s a subtle taste difference, and once I figured it out, I thought it would be a waste to throw the rest away.  The vast majority of restaurants don’t commit this sin, so it seems silly to ask if the wings are battered.  When you do ask, the waitstaff looks at you funny.


A Shining Light

Around the time low fat diets became the standard, healthy approach, a casualty of the health-kick was the flavorful pork rind.  Pork rinds were hit so hard that, today, it’s tough to find them in stores.  I don’t know anyone besides Homer Simpson who eats them, and I haven’t watched the Simpsons in 15 years.

Today, I grabbed a couple of bags, and ate about half of one bag.  They definitely hit a spot.  I love potato chips, but I haven’t eaten one since I started this journey!  Pork rinds aren’t quite the same, but they’ll do!  I hear they go great with a dip, or, even better, a fresh guacamole!

The other quality that pork rinds seem to have is shared with other keto-friendly food.  I was full after half a bag.  I didn’t want to eat any more.  I was satisfied.  That would not be the case with a bag of chips or popcorn.  That bag would be gone.  In very little time.

And that’s probably the whole point.  Right?


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