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Progress Report – June 2


I haven’t been a very good blogger recently.  Although I gave you all the ‘It’s not Okay to be Fat’ article, that’s actually a couple of nights old, and I haven’t had time to post it.

But now it’s up, and here’s the progress report!  Two weeks full.

210 this morning

239 when I started the blog, though we called it 240 for the purpose of the whole ’50 pound’ goal-thing.

7 weeks down and 29 pounds off.  Ever so slightly more than 4 pounds per week.  Still pretty good.  I cannot at all complain.  I’m more than halfway home to the goals I set for myself.  And big picture:  I was over 260 last year, so I have now lost 50 pounds.  I just want to lose more!

New clothes!

I finally broke down and decided to buy a pair of jeans.  I went conservative though and I’m already regretting it.  I’ve basically lost 4-5 inches off of my waste, and I went with a 3 inch.  Good enough when I bought them, but I’m still losing weight!  I had to return one pair of pants, just went too conservative.

On the flip side I bought a tee shirt that was too small when I bought it by a little bit, and now fits really well.

Here’s a funny story…my wife had hidden some of the clothes I’d been trying to wear when I was too fat!  It was like…Merry Christmas!  Here are three shirts that you now can wear!


To keep moving in the right direction, I’m down to one meal a day.  I’m NOT starving, and most nights it’s no big deal.  Some nights it takes a couple of extra glasses of water or a couple of coffees to keep the cravings away.  The progress has me motivated to keep pushing!

On weekends, however, I have been eating until full every day.  And for the most part, while I’m still packing away the meats, I’m not gaining any weight.  As an example, Monday morning I expect to be pretty well fed and really close to the 210 I weighed in at today.

Sample foods in no particular order:

  • Steak Tips
  • Cheeseburgers
  • Bacon
  • Cheese
  • Buffalo Chicken Wings
  • Flavored Iced Coffee with Splenda (has not affected the weight loss, so sticking with one every couple of days)
  • Hard Boiled Eggs

A little less strong

I’m back to my scheduled routine of three heavy lifting days a week with two sprint cardio days.  I’ve been skipping one of these workouts based on schedule.  Does not seem to have an effect.

What I would say is that my strength isn’t quite what it was.  I guess considering I’m about 50 pounds lighter, that I’m close to that level of strength is a positive.  Weight loss without muscle loss is nearly impossible.

Just like a few weeks ago, I’m cranking out pull ups like I never had, which makes sense because there’s less of me to pull up.  Bench press on the other hand has decreased.  At the end of all of this, I hope to gain some muscle mass and really be happy with what I see in the mirror.


But, what do I see in the mirror?

I am just way fitter looking now than I have been in almost 15 years.  And the recent weight loss has been accelerated.  When I got to the tipping point a year ago, I know I was really fat.  But I didn’t see myself as a fat guy.  All statistics proved otherwise.  Today, I’m confused almost every time I look.  I see a thinner guy in clothes that don’t fit, but it’s a surprise every time.  And the most confusing thing is that I still have twenty pounds to go to reach my goal.  What’s it going to look like then?

I do have some absolutely killer before and after pictures though.  Not sharing until the end!


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