It’s Not Okay to Be Fat


Now that it’s out there, let’s discuss…

We are living in an age where the politically correct approach to fatness is to embrace who you are and avoid fat shaming.  I’m into all of that to a point.  Be happy with who you are and confident in your abilities!  And, who the hell are you to make fun of someone for their weight?  Especially on a social network!  That’s all the good.

But here’s the reality.

It’s just not okay to be fat.  And there are a ton of reasons for this.

Here’s more reality.

Being obese is not as simple as many people believe.  A lot of fat-shamers in particular associate obesity with the energy equation (calories in vs. calories out).  Fat people eat too much and don’t exercise enough.  And that might very well be true, but that alone doesn’t tell very much of the story.

You may have heard that being obese has a lot to do with genetics and hormones, and that’s 100% true.  All you need for confirmation is observation.  We all know at least one person who seemingly can eat whatever he or she wants and not gain a pound, while living a crappy, sedentary life.  You probably know different overweight people who have different body types:  like those who have fat faces, or fat lower bodies, or who are skinny but have a gut.  Genetics and hormones play as large a part in fat storage as almost any other factor.

A more scientific approach maybe to study adolescent children.  As boys and girls reach puberty, their bodies approach fat storage differently.  Boys generally do not start packing on fat through puberty, and start to grow tall, strong, and full of testosterone.  Girls generally start to gain fat stores in areas that are designed to support future child birth.  These processes are hormonal, and independent of an energy/calorie inbalance.


There are probably other genetic factors that determine physical abilities that may help certain individuals maintain a healthy and fit body.  Look no farther than professional athletes, ‘physical freaks.’  There is clearly something genetic in many of these athletes that gives them advantages over others.  Similar factors are probably at work in otherwise normal people who love to run or bike miles at a time.  For these recreational athletes, there are underlying genetics and hormones that regulate fat and energy to support these physical activities, while additionally providing the motivation to exercise.  Following, there are genetic/hormonal factors at play that cause someone to overeat and pack on pounds.  Many may not engage in more physical activities simply because their genetics have not provided them the same physical abilities.


It’s STILL not okay to be fat!  While there may be genetic or hormonal factors that put chronically obese individuals at a disadvantage in the battle to maintain a lean physical figure, fat people should still try to be thin!  Lifestyle changes and diet changes may take a lot more work for some than others, but they are still effective, and the goal for every human should be a healthy body fat percentage.  And here’s why!


So this is a lot of tough love, but it comes from a good place.  It’s so critical for any human being to strive to be healthy and fit, to live a long life for their own sake and the betterment of their family.  And while you may have been dealt a difficult genetic hand, there are still diet and lifestyle choices that will make all the difference.


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