General Fat Guy Stuff

Progress Report – May 19


Yeah, so a slow week and a slow bog posting week.  Busy busy!

You may have read that my cheat day went poorly.  And, oh, it went poorly.  But I was hoping that not eating for almost two whole days after a big purge was going to lead to a kick-ass weight loss week, and that just didn’t happen.

Instead I was just uncomfortable for a couple of days, and my urine had very little in terms of ketones until Thursday.  So all I have to show for this week is a 2 pound loss.

That’s five weeks in and 20 pounds lost.  Not where I wanted to be, but I can’t complain.  People are starting to notice and I’m wearing a couple of shirts I hadn’t tried to squeeze into in years.

I guess to close a crap blog, I’ll just write a little bit about my workouts.

High volume, low intensity this week.  I was disappointed in the number of pushups I was able to do.  I killed my record for pull ups though!  Losing weight probably helped me a ton with the pull ups.  But I’ve never been able to do that many pull ups anyway.  I was doing a ton of push ups a couple of months ago.  Maybe the lack of glucose hurt my ability to do that volume of work.

Or that’s what I’m guessing!  Look for better blogs next week.


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