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Well, cheat day didn’t go as I expected.

I woke up ready to attack the day, and poured myself a glass of coffee milk!  Coffee milk alone got me into trouble a couple of years ago.  This time it was just a welcome treat.  Didn’t fill me up a ton, just helped me get through the morning.

A few hours later, we had a drive to a soccer game in the rain, deciding to stop at Burger King to fill up.  I got a Whopper meal with a coke!  I also stole a couple of my toddler’s chicken nuggets.  We had opted for the Whopper meal because they had some sort of deal, so not even as much as I’d normally eat at Burger King.  I felt satisfied, but hadn’t overeaten as I was more used to doing in the past.  Is this progress?

My wife was pining for some baked, stuffed lobster.  A local delicacy.  Expensive, but one time a year.  In this case, Mother’s Day.  She had me all fired up!  As the time of our reservation grew closer, I realized, however, that I was pretty full.  I’ve lost a decent amount of weight since my last visit to Burger King, so maybe my stomach had shrunk!  On the way to the restaurant, it was definitely becoming apparent that I wasn’t even really that hungry.  But at least I’d stuff a few bites of lobster down before bed.

Only once I reached the table did I realize that something was taking a horrible turn in my stomach.

The resulting purges have taught me quite the lesson, and at a devastating time.

Apparently the carbohydrates I had been avoiding are now just simply poison.  My body simply cannot handle them.  What a sad, sad day!

Hopefully I can get back into ketosis shortly, keep losing weight, and get back to something relatively healthy.  At that point, I seriously hope to add back some ‘good’ carbohydrates.  And then maybe I can enjoy a nice dinner with my wife and kids.

For now, carbohydrates are poison, and I just have to avoid.

At least I didn’t gain any weight on my cheat day!


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