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Progress Report – May 12



That may be what my diet is like right now.  Busy work, stress, and not eating hardly at all.

Still ‘Keto STRONG’ but only eating one meal between cups of fat-infused coffee.  It would be difficult to say I’m burning a ton of fat, because I basically just shrank for a week.  I only worked out sparingly due to scheduling issues.  Probably lost some muscle along the way (something I’ve been hoping to avoid with moderate protein intake and heavy lifting).

But I was also motivated by the fact that I have a cheat day coming up.  Looking forward to today’s weigh-in, I made sure to stick to one meal on Thursday, knowing that Sunday’s Mother’s Day feast was coming up.  And with the significant weight loss for the week, I feel a little bit relieved.  I’m sure I’ll start the week out on the wrong end, but I’ve come a long way!

A little break from Working Out

Though it came from family scheduling issues, my break from working out actually comes at, what could be, an advantageous time.  I’ve been going five days a week, with heavy lifting three days a week, for at least a month.  Prior to that I was also keeping to a similar schedule, if different routine.  Giving the body a break is something everyone needs from time to time.

I’d venture to say that for most people, who are not professional athletes, you will run into these periods where your schedule gets in the way of your normal routine.  My advice would be to stay on your consistent workout schedule instead of programming in breaks, knowing that there will be times when working out just isn’t feasible.  At least that’s how it works out for me.

Next week I’ll be switching my routine up as well, if only for the five-day period.  Coming on the heels of a high carbohydrate evening, I’ll go with higher volume (reps) workouts on Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Any excess glucose stored as a result of Sunday night should be gone by Tuesday night.  And I’ll be back in fat burning mode for the rest of the week.

A positive result I’m looking for is a little ‘muscle confusion, as Beachbody’s Tony Horton might say.  The human body has the ability to adapt to whatever demands it has to face.  In my case, four weeks of heavy lifting has gotten a little easier each week even though I’ve been adding a little more resistance as I’ve gone.  My body is getting comfortable with the routine, and the effects of the training are diminishing.  By changing up the routine, it should give my central nervous system a little challenge, stimulating some additional muscle development.

At least I hope so!

Night Cramps Update

Now that I’m supplementing and drinking some water infused with ‘lite-salt’ (filled with potassium) prior to going to sleep, I seem to be effectively preventing overnight cramping.  I had a rough night this week where I had not followed that plan.  I’m very happy that I’ve found this solution, as the constant overnight leg cramps were a real downer!

To Invest in a Tailor, or Not?

A few months ago I had a pretty well tailored suit.  I was too big for it, but for the most part it fit in the right places.  That is totally not the case now.  My jacket is too big.  My best dress shirts are puffy (“But I don’t want to be a pirate!”), and my pants are all bunched up, held up by a belt that hasn’t fit me in five years.

I’ve lost around 18 pounds in four weeks, 38 since January.  I’m approaching my first cheat day.  Sure, I’m making progress, but I’m also starving myself.  Stress and my schedule are keeping the weight off.  I could very well gain all the weight back quickly if I get knocked off the wagon.

So the question is, do I make an appointment for a tailor?  Or do I wait?


I’m going to wait because I don’t want to jinx my progress.


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