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Progress Report – May 5

Things are not moving as rapidly as I would like, but a couple of interesting things happened this week…


Another slow week, and another three pounds lost.  I know I shouldn’t complain, but I feel like I’m making some sacrifices that aren’t earning the reward I’m after!

Was it the Alcohol?  The Salad?

On Saturday, a buddy of mine hosted a first communion celebration for his daughter.  He begged me to eat, but I held strong!  And there were plenty of awesome opportunities to completely kick myself out of ketosis.  I stuck to salad, with greens, black olives, cauliflower, and cherry tomatoes, covered in an oily dressing, and deli meats like ham, turkey, American cheese.

I avoided all of the beer and sugary adult beverages being offered about.  Instead, I had a couple of glasses of tequila.  Zero carbs.

Sunday AM’s weight?  231!  That’s a 2 pound gain from Friday!


A couple of weeks ago when I started this diet, I had a hard time with greens.  They made me feel bloated.  And I felt that they were interfering with my weight loss.  I know it’s bad to skip the greens.  Most ketogenic dieters live by them.  I have every intention of adding them back once I get to a manageable weight.  In the meantime, I’m supplementing (more on that in a minute) to get the minerals I’m missing out on.

Alcohol by itself is not supposed to kick someone out of ketosis.  The hard stuff in particular should not be worrying.  There are some that believe alcohol works to slow the fat burning process.  I’ve been avoiding alcohol to this point, but a couple of glasses of tequila should not cause me to gain weight.

My feeling at this point is that I really just need to avoid anything with potential carbohydrates.  I might just be that sensitive.  This goes for both alcohol and greens.  My piss sticks were a bit pinker than usual on Sunday AM.  So clearly something went wrong.  I did not have control of the exact ingredients of the salad either.  The dressing could have been filled with sugar.  I’m not even going to talk about the lunch meats, as they should be irrelevant to this conversation.

On Sunday, I indulged in homemade Buffalo wings (I will describe in a future blog), and about a pound-and-a-half of steak tips.  Monday morning I was back to 230.  Purple piss strips.

High fat, moderate protein, almost if not zero carbs seems to be my best bet going forward.

Night Cramps

There is very little worse than waking up with muscle cramps.  As a former pretend athlete, I had to deal with cramps often, particularly in the summer, or during tournament weekends.  Since becoming older and sedentary, I really haven’t had to deal with them at all.

But for the past week or so my cramps have gotten more consistent.  They start out in the shin, which is just weird.  I try to curl my toes away to elongate the muscle and stop the pain, but then my calf starts cramping!  And as I try the awkward toe maneuvers to balance all of this out, the arch of my foot starts up.  What a disaster!

Muscle cramps are a side effect of the ketogenic diet, and it’s not fun.  It’s also getting worse.  Initially, I wasn’t getting any cramps.  Then I got them once in a week.  Now they’re nearly happening every night.

I’m drinking gallons of water a day, but I’m still dehydrated.  It’s a different sort of dehydration, coming from lack of certain electrolytes.  Ketogenic dieters who suffer from leg cramps are often lacking sodium, calcium, magnesium, and/or potassium.  Such things would be plentiful in many vegetables, but as I just discussed, I’m avoiding those.

I’m not one to skimp on the salt, and I salt all of my meat pretty vigorously.  I eat and drink significant dairy, so I can’t believe that calcium is the culprit.  However, given the lack of fruits and vegetables in my diet, I am very likely missing out on the magnesium and potassium.  So I’m starting to take a multivitamin (more in a bit).

And though the problem is persisting, I’m trying to add a salted water to my regime.  After a little research I found out about Lite Salt.


Lite salt contains potassium, so I’m stirring some in the water prior to bed.  Hopefully this will do the trick!  My legs hurt, even in the mornings now!

My Piss is Green!

Or bright yellow.

My wife has been begging me to take a multivitamin for years.  To this point I’ve resisted, because of some research suggesting they don’t do much if anything.  Dr. Rhonda Patrick tells us on podcasts that those studies maybe bogus (based on the populations of people they utilized and methods).  Who to believe?

Well, I know I’m not getting all of the necessary vitamins and minerals I need.  And I’m trying to avoid the night cramps.  So I started taking a multivitamin.

After a little research I stumbled upon Rainbow Light Men’s One.  It’s full of pretty much everything I’m missing out on.  The only missing ingredient is the potassium.  I’m hoping a little of that Lite Salt will fill in that gap.


Rainbow Light got good reviews.  It’s cheap enough for a a 50 tablet trial at Walgreens ($15).

Immediately my piss started turning green or bright yellow.  Definitely a little unsettling.  Am I just simply not absorbing any of the $15 I spent?  That’s a general criticism of supplements, that they don’t get absorbed like real food.

Actually, excess vitamin B compounds, and riboflavin are often the causes of these colors in urine.  If I’m getting a lot of one type of vitamin, it’s the B compounds found in all of the steak and hamburger I’ve been eating.  This is no scientific study, but it makes sense to me.  Hopefully this vitamin will help me stay healthy throughout my ketogenic journey!


They say fit should be a better measure than total weight.  And I got some fit problems going on right now.  I decided this morning to stop wearing my wedding ring for a couple of days.  The blasted thing keeps falling off!

And after spending a couple of hundred dollars on clothes for my new job, now most of them are looking a bit too baggy.  Especially my jeans.  My belts have too much excess strap as well.

Progress is being made!  If not as quickly as I’d like!

Upcoming Cheat

Mother’s Day is approaching in a week, and I’ve made a reservation for us at a restaurant preferred by my loving wife.  I’ve targeted this date as my first official cheat night.  I’ve been very good!  I deserve it!  If I’m keto-adapted, I should be able to snap right back into it on Monday.


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