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Progress Report – April 28

check in April 28 Marion

This is the blog that I almost didn’t want to write.

I mean, you can look at that number up there, and be like, “Ugh, the weightloss is slowing down!”

But it was looking worse yesterday.

Last Friday, the 21st, I was 233.  That was a six pound difference from the previous week.  I was super pumped!  I ate well over the weekend, and started the week at 232.  Then I was 231 on Tuesday, 231 on Wednesday, and 231 on Thursday.  What was going wrong?

I Overate

I was basically stuffing my face with meat.  I didn’t want to eat all that meat, but I did.  My pattern from the previous week was not very different, so why wasn’t the weight coming off?

Well, it really was more meat, and though I’m not checking my macros every day, I did a rough sketch of what I’d been eating, and it was just too much.  Basically, mismeasured steak tips.  I must have gotten a smaller package the previous week.  This week, as I was eating, I could tell it was way more steak tips, but I ate them anyway.  They were really good!

I broke a very important rule, which is that you aren’t supposed to eat if you’re not hungry.  Eating when I wasn’t hungry is how I got this way in the first place!  I enjoyed the steak, but I was stuffing it down my throat because I was afraid of not eating enough during my eating window, and I wanted to avoid the hunger pains I’d been having at night.

Thursday’s Adjustment

I made certain to measure more carefully on Thursday.  And I also ate a larger meal.

Making matters a bit more experimental, my boss blocked the path to the kitchen right around the time I needed to break my fast and drink my hot buttered coffee!  I didn’t get the coffee until around 11AM, instead of 10AM.

Lunch came a few hours later, and I decided to eat a bit more at once, while sticking to one meal for the day.  I had been spreading out my eating throughout a six hour period, but that’s not really helping with my challenge of constantly needing to eat.  For my one meal, I had three cheeseburgers covered in avocado and bacon.  I also had some extra cheese while I was waiting for the cheeseburgers to heat up.

And that was a lot to eat all at once.  Around 1600 calories, with almost 120 grams of fat and 110 grams of protein.  Definitely not hungry after that!

During my car ride after work I needed a coffee, so I made a stop.  I asked for cream in the coffee.  This is now after 5.30PM.  I nearly got the coffee black.  I was afraid of the larger eating window!  But the word ‘cream’ came out of my mouth, and there it was in the coffee when I received it.

I probably shouldn’t have been so worried, since I got a later start.  The eating window turned into around 7 hours, instead of 6, which is still relatively small.

Most importantly, the larger meal, followed up by the coffee with cream, pretty much killed my appetite.

And the next day?  Finally broke the 230 barrier.


My way-wiser-wife was able to bring me down to Earth, basically telling me not to worry about the day-to-day measurements.  I could have been retaining water.  There are a million reasons I could have stalled.  I, of course, know that, but having the wife there to put me straight was nice.  She’s also a medical professional, so I should listen, right?

I Learned Something Today…

I learned that I can eat a ton of meat, and, as long as I avoid the carbohydrates, I can pretty much maintain what I got going on right now.

I also learned that the slightly larger and later eating window, capped off by a little pure fat, may make a difference in helping me not be hungry at night.

And finally I learned that I’m probably overanalyzing all of this.  I told my wife earlier this week that I should hide the scale so that I’m not stepping on it every single moment.  So she did!  And when I couldn’t find the scale I had a minor mental meltdown.

Most importantly, I lost around ten pounds over two weeks.  The plateau is probably ahead of me, but I broke a psychological barrier this morning.

This should now be the ‘gotta lose 40 pounds blog.’


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