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Joe Rogan Podcast is Life

I know what you’re thinking.

Joe Rogan?  That guy?

Yes!  That guy!

Last time you saw Joe Rogan was probably Fear Factor (though News Radio was actually pretty good).  He started out as, and still is, a stand-up comic, and he’s funny, but not a headliner.  He’s also a UFC fight commentator (mixed martial arts), his main area of expertise.

Late 2016, the country went crazy across the political landscape (difficult to remember that time, eh?)  It was around the time Milo Yiannopolous was making a name for himself.  Not being the type to be afraid to listen to divergent opinions, I started a little research.  It was during that research that I discovered the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.


Joe Rogan and Milo Yiannopolous

Down the rabbit hole I went, and months later I’m completely sold.  The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast IS LIFE!

What makes the JRE so awesome?

The Guests

If you want a good laugh, Joe attracts most of the biggest and best comics, and comedic actors and actresses in the business.  Some of the podcasts feature a lot of potty humor, but many of the comics are quite observant about the world, and have all sorts of interesting things to say.  Guests range from Jay Leno to Amy Schumer.

Whitney Cummings

Better still are the podcasts where he has political pundits, from all sides of the debate, even guys like Alex Jones of InfoWars (great podcast, even if it’s nuts; Jones is a good friend of Rogan’s).  Joe’s a great host to all of these different ideas, and he never panders or insults.

But the reason I bring up the JRE on this blog is that he hosts a stable of trainers, doctors, scientists and nutritionists.  Frequently.  These experts talk about general nutrition, mental health, working out…you name it.  I’ll talk about some of the best a little further down.

There are also some very philosophical mind blowing guests on…he’s recorded almost a thousand podcasts and the diversity of guests is excellent.  Many of the guests have their own podcasts, or can be found on other podcasts, but they are always at their best on the Joe Rogan Experience.

The Format

I love podcasts, and most of the podcasts I listen to are 30-60 minutes long, which is actually perfect for drives or workouts.  With most podcasts, that’s exactly how long I want them to be.

Rogan’s average around two hours, and some episodes stretch to three.  This is serious long-form conversation.

While I never listen to a JRE podcast cover to cover in one sitting, and sometimes I don’t even get to catch the end, because I’ve broken it up over so many workouts and/or drives, that I’ve moved on in life, the length and conversational format really allow Rogan and his guest to venture around to different topics as well as cover certain topics extensively.  They’re never rushing to get to the next point, a lot gets fully fleshed out.

Joe, Himself

What a character!  The guy is sometimes stoned or drunk (he is a big believer in the benefits of marijuana, and legality), which can make some conversations quite silly.  He’s a bit brash at times, and his humor can be blue.  But it all works because he’s exceptionally authentic.

Rogan with a Fan

Rogan is extraordinarily curious and well read.  It’s rare that someone from a political or scientific background can get one over on him.  Sure, they’re way smarter and greater experts in their field, but he always catches them once or twice on the show, with something they may have just assumed or believed that he can debunk with pointed research.  This is particularly important when he’s talking to someone who’s way over on the Social Justice Warrior side, or on the Alt-Right (like Milo).  He’s done the research, and doesn’t just take everything at face value.

Whomever he talks to, he works hard to let them offer their own opinions while sharing his own point of view.  He doesn’t agree with all of his guests, but calls them out in a way that allows for a good discussion, and no one leaves angry.

Clearly the man has his areas of expertise, whether they be martial arts, recreational drugs, nutrition, or exercising.  The guy is 49, almost 50, he’s ripped, and loving life.  (He does get some testosterone replacement…but we won’t hold that against him)

He’s evolved over the course of the podcast’s history.  Early podcasts were sophomoric in content and approach.  The more you listen, the more you can tell he’s learning about every subject he discusses, and how to be better at his process.

There is still a fair bit of BroScience, but it’s entertaining, and the actual amount of knowledge offered can be staggering.

Who Should (and probably shouldn’t) Listen

Joe Rogan is a white man, most of his guests are white guys, and this is not a podcast for the politically correct.  If you think all white guys are the worst and that white guy privilege is a scourge on society, no one on this podcast is going to let you go too far down this road.  There have been a fair few guests that have tried to get Rogan down this path, and no doubt Joe Rogan leans to the left, but he’s not going to let you talk too much smack.

There have been some great guests of different races, a recent episode with Arian Foster springs to mind.  But a huge percentage of the podcasts feature white men shooting the shit with one another.  If you’re willing to open your mind, though, you’ll definitely enjoy this podcast, and you’ll almost certainly learn something.


Key Guests

For the purpose of this blog, the one’s you’re going to want to pay attention to involve nutrition and general well-being.  Rogan’s been living a ketogenic lifestyle for most of the last hundred podcasts at least, and some of his podcasts have pointed me into the direction I’m in now (after further reading and research).

Dr. Rhonda Patrick – Frequent Contributor – Get out your Notepad!
  • Rhonda Patrick – She’s been on about 6 or 7 times.  She got me turned onto intermittent fasting (though it’s been around for a pretty long time).  You need a notebook every time she’s on.
  • Gary Taubes – NY Times Science Journalist, rails against sugar (future blog) and the sugar industry, pretty much launched Atkins into the stratosphere by exposing the flaws in our understanding of nutrition and obesity.
  • Robb Wolf – A pioneer in Paleo, Robb (and his wife) are constantly experimenting with different foods and exercises to study the effects.
  • Mark SissonPrimal Blueprint author, also kicked the sugar and processed foods to live like Gonk (our primal ancestor).
  • Mike Dolce – Modern trainer and fitness/nutrition expert, specializing in Mixed Martial Arts.
  • Dave Asprey – The author of the Bulletproof movement, a little all over the place and controversial, but a good listen.
  • Chris Kresser – Health and wellness expert, also mostly on the Paleo path

You can find the Joe Rogan Experience on most podcast services (i.e., iTunes and Google Play) and YouTube here.  I can’t recommend it enough.

Train by day, Joe Rogan podcast by night!  All day!


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