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How’d You do on Easter?


Before I tell you how I did, let me tell you a bit about how it usually all goes down…

We’ve been hosting Easter Brunch for the past 3 or 4 years in a row.  Traditional Easter Saturday for this guy includes a fast food dinner and lots of Easter Bunny munching.  So much effort goes into the food purchase and prep for Saturday that nobody wants to cook or worry about dinner on Saturday, resulting in junk food binge the night before a daylong binge.

Becoming the Easter Bunny, or Santa Clause for that matter, has gotta be a source of significant Dad Weight gain for all of us.  So much sugar to choose from!  If you’re like me, you’ve pretty much avoided them since at least Valentine’s Day if not Christmas, so exposure is everything.  As the Easter Bunny leaves two eggs full of candy, he has a tendency to eat one as well.

Click here for the different candies I ran away from on Sunday!

Sleep is an issue for many dieters (probably a future blog), but for Daddy Easter Bunny it’s a big problem.  We have a tendency to overeat when we don’t get enough sleep, turning to food (mostly sugar) to get us through our day.

Another challenge in my household, specific to me, is that my two awesome step sons aren’t like I was in their candy consumption.  First, while binging a bit, they don’t overeat as much, so they’re prone to leaving candy around…if it wasn’t too gross to keep clean, they’d have it lying around their bedrooms all year to snack on here or there.  Second, they like the super sugary stuff, so they leave the chocolate stuff to the end (my favorite things).   I also have a toddler, who eats too much sugar, but can’t possibly eat as much as he’s given by the Easter Bunny and all of his relatives.  Combined, it’s just a stupidly large candy haul.

Easter Brunch at the Marino’s

Easter 2015, though it’s only gotten better since!

I focus on the brunch basics:

Bacon – No need to expand on that!

Quiche – Lined with swiss cheese, it’s a great microwavable snack for at least two days after.

Home Fries – If my wife wishes I’d stopped coming around, she never should have made me home fries.  They’re sloppy, cooked in bacon grease, and full of salt.  Rarely if not never do I find such high quality, even in the best breakfast joints.

French Toast Casserole – Made with Portugese sweet bread.  Didn’t even know it existed until a few years ago.  Need to eat it all that day though, turns into a pile of mush the next day.

Pizzelle – Thin Italian waffle cookie, made by my mama.  You can buy in a store, but nothing beats homemade.  Deceptively addictive.

By the end of the day, I’m eating nothing but sugar.  I’m completely stuffed, with no desire to continue to eat, but there’s always a good justification to keep at it!  The French Toast Caserole is really nowhere near as good the next day, so you don’t really want to leave too much leftover.  By now significant damage has been done to the pile of pizzelle, but since I’m going to be dieting the next few days, I want that plate clear so it’s not tempting me…gotta finish that plate!

Now you know what Easter usually looks like…what about 2017?

Saturday went well.  My wife needed to get out of the house and did most of the shopping, while I hung with the toddler at home.  I got good fasting hours in and remained true to my keto.  Didn’t sleep enough into Sunday, but avoided the candy, and after that initial Easter Rush, had a coffee full of heavy cream.  And around 10AM I grabbed a hard boiled egg and bacon snack ahead of guest arrival.

For my brunch plate:  scrambled eggs sprinkled with cheddar cheese, bacon and ham, all piled nice and high!  I started to get full pretty early into the eating, and even left a few scraps!

My cheat food for the day?  Fresh fruit.  I know most of you think I’m crazy for avoiding fruit in the first place, but rather than argue I’m going to shrug and say ‘It is what it is.’  I stuck with some keto friendly fare, pieces of strawberry, blueberries, and a tiny bit of melon.  Berries are considered amongst the most keto friendly fruits because they are so low in sugar and high in fiber that they don’t count a ton against the final carb count.  Melon isn’t as good but because it’s mostly water, a few pieces doesn’t count that much.  Around 4PM, I stopped eating entirely.

Busy Work to avoid Busy Eating

The easiest way to avoid eating is to stay busy.  Now, supposedly, through intermittent fasting and keto living, or, more specifically, avoiding sugar and carbohydrates, I will eventually start to feel great and have an energy boost.  I’m not going to credit the energy I had last night to clean the house with my new dieting approach.  But, I was able to take a huge chunk out of our cleaning effort last night, drinking water, and avoiding candy.

My wife was stunned!  And, appreciative.

I can say without question that I wasn’t hungry.  However, that’s not usually enough in usual holiday mode.  Busy work and water replaced eating sugar for the night.

Monday morning?  237 (and 238, and 239, scales are the worst).  Most importantly maybe a pound lost since Friday and no significant weight gain after the holiday.

Good result.


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